About Dr. Peter Walker

   Dr. Peter Walker is widely acknowledged as one of the foremost experts on the Holy Land; and his book In the Steps of Jesus (LionHudson: Oxford, 2006) has come to be recognized as the authoritative guide for Christian visitors.  He first visited the Land in 1981 and has since been there on numerous occasions, pursuing research for his many books, including: Holy City, Holy Places (Oxford University Press, 1990); Jesus and the Holy City (Eerdmans, 1996); Walking in his Steps (HarperCollins, 2001); The Story of the Holy Land: A visual history (LionHudson, 2013). Dr. Walker has also led more than a dozen on-site tours for parishes and clergy, for students and seminarians, for British and American and other nationalities.

   Dr. Walker did his original research degree at Cambridge University and was then ordained in 1989 for pastoral ministry. For many years he taught at Wycliffe Hall, the evangelical seminary in the heart of the University of Oxford and then, from 2012 to 2017, was Professor of Biblical Studies at Trinity School for Ministry, near Pittsburgh, PA, USA. He is now back in the UK, working within the Church of England.


“Some writers about the life of Jesus are academics, some archaeologists, some teachers, some simply enthusiasts. Dr. Peter Walker is remarkable for being all four. He is an able New Testament scholar. He is one of the foremost experts on the topography of Jerusalem. He is an appealing and clear teacher with great gifts as a communicator. And he is passionate about Jesus Christ, and longs to make him known.”  

- Revd. Dr. Michael Green, International Evangelist

“Dr. Peter Walker and his leading of a pilgrimage in the Holy Land is like being a member of a world class symphony orchestra and Peter is the master conductor: the outcome is transformational! There is no better combination than Dr. Peter Walker and the Holy Land.”

- Jay Crouse: Coordinator of Men’s Ministry, Diocese of South Carolina

In The Steps of Jesus
Media Project

     Travel with Dr. Peter Walker and hear him talk about Jesus in the land of Jesus. Experience the passion he has for communicating the authentic Jesus of history in a way which helps makes Christ come alive—because He is! And we’d like to share this with others! So we are presenting this project in the hope of raising funds to support a documentary/DVD around the book In the Steps of Jesus. Please join us in enabling others - from all around the world - to experience for themselves this life-changing teaching about the Real Jesus.

   Dr. Peter Walker has filmed a documentary chronicling the life of Jesus in each of the Holy Land locations mentioned in the Gospels through this engaging DVD curriculum with 15 units encompassing:

• Introduction: Galilee, Jerusalem and Emmaus

• Early Beginnings: Bethlehem, Nazareth, The Jordan River, The Desert

• Ministry in the North: Around Lake Galilee, Samaria, Caesarea Philippi

• Approaching the City: Jericho, Bethany, The Mount of Olives

• Drama in the City: The Temple, The City of Jerusalem, Golgotha • Journeying on with Jesus: Emmaus

     The script is based on Dr. Walker’s best selling book In the Steps of Jesus (published in USA by Zondervan, 2007), which has established itself as the authoritative guide for Christian visitors to the Holy Land. Each unit of the documentary is approximately 20-25 minutes in length and features stunning imagery of the Holy Land, combined with Dr. Walker sharing enlightening details and bringing the Gospel story of Jesus alive in its original location. This is a powerful visual storytelling experience as you find yourself, for example, right by Jacob’s Well in Samaria, walking in a remote location near Bethsaida remembering Jesus’ feeding of the 5000, sitting in the darkness of Gethsemane, walking along the road to the original Emmaus... and many more Holy Land adventures. Experience this remarkable visual presentation of the life of Jesus.