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  • The Holy Land & Biblical Jordan
  • Journeys of Paul Cruise

Tour Testimonials

"Dr. Peter Walker and his leading of a pilgrimage in the Holy Land is like being a member of a world class symphony orchestra and Peter is the master conductor: the outcome is transformational! It was my high honor to have enlisted Dr. Walker to serve as my pilgrimage leader for my 6th annual Behold the Man men's pilgrimage to the Holy Land, October 10-23, 2017. Peter's years of Holy Land experience, passion for scripture and academic foundation makes for an inspired, spirit filled, educational and enthusiastic Holy Land pilgrimage. There is no better combination than Dr. Peter Walker and the Holy Land."

- Jay Crouse (Charleston, SC)

“Peter Walker is a leader of pilgrims—those who go to places to be changed, transformed. Dr. Walker opens up the land, the people, and the places where Jesus was born, lived, died, and rose—making Him more real, leading pilgrims directly to a closer walk with their Savior."

“The parish where I serve has read his books, traveled with him as our guide, and hosted him on for Holy Week so we could “go on pilgrimage without leaving home”! We have supported the creation of this important video series, and pray you will too. This project will help people connect with Jesus like those two disciples who traveled with him on the Emmaus Road, saying, ‘Did not our hearts burn within us as he talked with us along the road, while he opened to us the Scriptures?’ (Luke 24:32).”

- Theron Walker (Castle Rock, CO)

“Peter led us on a tour in 2014 that offered a unique opportunity to benefit from his deep love of Jesus, his many years of advanced study and his intimate familiarity with the Holy Land. His thoughtful approach to each itinerary incorporates teaching and timing in a robust blend that allows for prayer, for reflection and for personal encounter with the Lord in the midst of travel: in particular, an early morning communion service on the shore of Lake Galilee and the opportunity for a silent walk in the Judean wilderness are two experiences of enduring value that continue to enrich our relationship with Jesus.”

- John & Deb Lantz (Pittsburgh, PA)